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OKNA Cleaning Solutions Ltd was established in 1992 by Steve Elliott, providing cleaning and carpet cleaning support services, primarily for Sports Stadia and Hospitality areas in and around London and South East England. Now in addition works are carried out for Housing Associations, Schools and Management Companies throughout the South East region.


The changes in Health and Safety legislation has also given rise to the extensive use of water-fed poles for access to high level glazing and facade cleaning. OKNA Cleaning Solutions have become experts in the use of this equipment, gaining excellent results at major sites such as Chelsea Football Club as well as lower level schools and offices.

" I believe that a quality of service can only be maintained by operatives taking personal
care and pride in their work. This is very difficult to achieve if a cleaning company
becomes detached from the workforce. By keeping staff and contracts manageable, levels
of service have been, unsurprisingly, unrivaled. Low overheads mean low prices. So why
go anywhere else". Steve Elliott - Managing Director